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Thursday, January 5, 2012

GED - For Homeschooled Students

One solution for the need of a Grade 12 Diploma......

Our children are in Senior High School level or have completed Grade 12.
They are registered with the Department of Education as homeschooling students.
The Department makes available to us learning materials that are used in the local schools.

In our homeschooling program we have been using some of these textbooks
that are used in the local schools' academic programs, especially in Math, Sciences, 
Chemistry, Physics and Biology, and as well, some of the History texts.
In addition, we have used learning materials from a variety of other sources, 
especially library resources - books, CDs, DVDs, and in the last year, the Internet.

We have not followed a program that gives credits for courses or levels completed in the various subjects.
They children have not had testing, and they do not have credits for the work they have done.
We have kept records of all our childrens' school work over the years, 
including informal non-school learning and projects and activities.

One of our boys - Gregory - has applied for the Military Reserve.  
He was told that he needed to have Grade 12 credits or a Diploma from 
an institution or the Department of Education. 
Our records of school work completed were not sufficient for their purposes.
We were told that a GED Diploma would be acceptable.

We enquired about this of the Department of Education; 
they were quite helpful, in directing us to the GED program; that it has been used 
by other homeschooling students, in order to obtain the necessary Diploma 
for entrance into post-secondary courses or institutions, 
or simply to have a Diploma as proof that the work was done.

The GED program is available to students 18 years of age and older.
They can prepare for the exams by writing tests which are similar to the actual exams; 
this enables them to work on weak areas.  There are booklets of several levels in each of the subject areas 
that can be used to prepare for the test, and the instructors are very available and helpful 
to provide any guidance needed.

Because Gregory had actually done the work at home to achieve Grade 12, it required 
only three or four weeks at three days a week at the local Learning Centre, 
to be very well prepared for the exams.

The exams are scheduled to take place on a preset two days, in Charlottetown.
You must be registered for them ahead of time.  
The results are known in one to two weeks of having written the test.  
You can also obtain the score of how well you did on each test.
In case of failure of a test, it can be rewritten at a later date, as many times as necessary.

This test is standardized across the U.S.A. and Canada.
On P.E.I. contact Department of Education, General Education Development  368-4640

Louise MacAdam


  1. Online resources include courses offered on both paid and free educational websites as well as many websites offering free materials for study. For those who prefer to interact with people face to face, and work in a classroom, there are the classes that are offered in most community colleges. These classes are designed to help students prepare for GED testing.

    ged practice test print out

    1. I spoke to our local instructor with regard to this comment.
      She told me there are a lot of materials online to help with GED test preparation, and that her students sometimes will work with the books and then switch to do some prep work online, for a change.
      To note: She said that there are many different versions of GED prep material,
      and that the choice one makes in using prep material is important,
      in that it the material covered should match with the GED Test material.
      In our case, she said she is using the Steck-Vaughn prep materials.
      One can find these resources online, as well as in hard copy form.

      Louise MacAdam