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Wednesday, May 25, 2011 A good free site for learning languages

We were told about LingQ as a good site, and free, to learn languages.

We had a previous post about for learning languages, which we have found to be quite good and interesting, and has enabled us to speak or chat with native speakers as well as follow lessons and earn points as one progresses.

We have started with LingQ in German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.
(There are several of us doing this, not just one person!)
It is available for all ages.  Busuu is limited to those over 16 years of age.
One can study as many languages as one wishes at one time.

The lesson texts are presented with the words highlighted in blue.
You can put the mouse on each word to get the immediate translation of the word.
If you know the word, you click it and it is added to your total of known words.
The text is read out loud - you can listen to this as many times as needed.
The texts can be downloaded to an ipod, etc., to be listened anytime, for practice.

You can meet friends to chat or talk, and join forums.
Readings are available from magazines etc., that are read by native speakers.
The texts are highlighted in blue in the same way as are the lessons.

If you want more intensive work you can pay for corrections to written work, or work with a tutor.
You can earn points if you work for LingQ as a tutor, or if you correct others' writing, etc.
These points in turn can pay for a session with a tutor, or to have your written work corrected.

You can work at any level you desire.

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