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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Interested in Learning Languages?

We have recently tried for learning languages.

I have found it quite interesting, challenging and good to teach you a lot in a short time.

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian are available
with more languages being added.
Lessons are free.
If you want more extended lessons and services these are available for about 7-8 Euros per month.

Personal goals can be set, progress is marked, and contact with native speakers is a large part of the site and lessons, through chatting, with the aid of a translation gadget.
You can also chat live through a microphone.
One can make friends, and send messages or letters through busuu (email).

As part of the lessons, you post a written submission to do with the lesson just learned.
Then you are asked to correct other peoples' submissions (done in your native or advanced level language).  Your post will be corrected in the same way, by up to five people, who are native or advanced speakers of that language.

Completing lessons, correcting posts, contacting and chatting with others earns you busuu berries, as well as a host of other markers of your activity - including growing your language garden.

It is available for ages 16 and up.

One can meet interesting people and learn about other countries etc.

It can be quite challenging - picture chatting with someone in a language you hardly know, using the translation tool, to write in his/her language, and then translating what he/she writes back!

Probably good to keep our (older in my case) brains exercised!

Does anyone know of a good online program for language learning, available for ages below 16?


Louise MacAdam

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